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Journal Selection Criteria

Main Criteria
1. Articles for publication must be peer-reviewed.
2. Timeliness (one issue delay is allowed).

Optional criterion
1. The journal age must be 3 years minimum (or after 6 issues published).
2. Citations in national or/and international databases.
3. Good diversity in authorship.
4. Good diversity in editorial board members.
5. Clear journal concepts and policy.
6. Uniform journal formats (references, illustration, table, etc.; author names, author affiliation, abstract and references in Roman script).
7. Journal website. (update,comprehensive)
8. Online Submission.
9. Quality of Abstract. (English version)

Terms and Conditions for the Journal Submission
1. Editors of academic journals published in 10 ASEAN member countries are eligible to submit their academic journals for evaluation to be indexed in the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) system.
2. Interested editors should select the Journal Submission Menu on the ACI website and follow the instruction.
3. The submission period is opened all year round. The evaluation result will be notified as soon as possible.