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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volume 8, Issue 5, 2018, pp. 3427-3435

Multi-objective based optimal energy and reactive power dispatch in deregulated electricity markets

Abstract :

This paper presents a day-ahead (DA) multi-objective based joint energy and reactive power dispatch in the deregulated electricity markets. The traditional social welfare in the centralized electricity markets comprises of customers benefit function and the cost function of active power generation. In this paper, the traditional social welfare is modified to incorporate the cost of both active and reactive power generation. Here, the voltage dependent load modeling is used. This paper brings out the unsuitability of traditional single objective functions, e.g., social welfare maximization (SWM), loss minimization (LM) due to the reduction of amount of load served. Therefore, a multi-objective based optimization is required. This paper proposes four objectives, i.e., SWM, load served maximization (LSM), LM and voltage stability enhancement index (VSEI); and these objectives can be combined as per the operating condition. The simulation studies are performed on IEEE 30 bus test system by considering the both traditional constant load modeling and the proposed voltage dependent load modeling. Copyright © 2018 Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science. All rights reserved.

Keywords : Evolutionary algorithms,Load modeling,Market clearing,Multi-objective optimization,Social welfare
Subject Area : Computer Science(all) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Computer Networks and Communications Hardware and Architecture

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