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1 Journal of the Dental Association of Thailand0045-9917Thailand135
2 Thai Journal of Agricultural Science0049-3589Thailand83
3 Siriraj Medical Journal0125-152XThailand38
4 The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health0125-1562Thailand1708
5 Mahidol University Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences0125-1570Thailand0
6 Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand0125-2208Thailand801
7 University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal0125-2437Thailand241
8 PASAA0125-2488Thailand4
9 Chiang Mai Journal of Science0125-2526Thailand478
10 Journal of the Medical Technologist Association of Thailand0125-2682Thailand73
11 KMUTT Research and Development Journal0125-278XThailand228
12 Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology0125-3395Thailand730
13 NIDA Development Journal0125-3689Thailand64
14 The Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences0125-4685Thailand113
15 Bulletin of Chiang Mai Associated Medical Sciences0125-5347Thailand0
16 The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine0125-6491Thailand189
17 Buffalo Bulletin0125-6726Thailand0
18 Journal of the Psychiatric Association of Thailand0125-6985Thailand632
19 The Clinical Academia0125-7501Thailand46
20 Buddhachinaraj Medical Journal0125-7560Thailand101
21 Kasetsart University Fisheries Research Bulletin0125-796XThailand0
22 KKU Engineering Journal0125-8273Thailand0
23 Engineering Journal0125-8281Thailand85
24 Songklanagarind Medical Journal0125-8435Thailand481
25 Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology0125-877XThailand424
26 Journal of Nursing Science0125-8885Thailand252
27 Chulalongkorn University Dental Journal0215-2534Thailand100
28 Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany)0495-3843Thailand111
29 Journal of Research Methodology0857-2933Thailand53
30 Thai Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery0857-4405Thailand17
31 Journal of Health Research0857-4421Thailand194
32 Journal of Physiological and Biomedical Sciences0857-5754Thailand4
33 The International Journal of East Asian Studies0857-6033Thailand0
34 Thai Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology0857-6084Thailand63
35 The Journal of King Mongkuts University of Technology North Bangkok0857-684xThailand139
36 Journal of Population and Social Studies0857-717XThailand25
37 ABAC Journal0858-0855Thailand11
38 Journal of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine0858-2025Thailand322
39 International Journal of the Computer, The Internet and Management0858-7027Thailand10
40 Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology0858-849XThailand100
41 Applied Economics Journal0858-9291Thailand22
42 The Journal of Risk Management and Insurance0859-3604Thailand10
43 Thammasat International Journal of Science and Technology0859-4074Thailand78
44 Thai Journal of Public Administration0859-418XThailand10
45 Journal of Mental Health of Thailand0859-497XThailand308
46 Thammasat Review0859-5747Thailand4
47 Khon Kaen University Dental Journal0859-9254Thailand30
48 MANUSYA, Journal of Humanities0859-9920Thailand23
49 Chiang Mai Dental Journal0875-6920Thailand35
50 ScienceAsia1513-1874Thailand318
51 Silpakorn University Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts1513-4717Thailand0
52 Journal of Sports Science and Health1513-7430Thailand135
53 Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences1685-1994Thailand68
54 Thailand Statistician1685-9057Thailand29
55 ECTI Transactions on Electrical Eng., Electronics, and Communications1685-9545Thailand21
56 AU Journal of Management1686-0039Thailand0
57 Walailak Journal of Science and Technology1686-3933Thailand91
58 Environment and Natural Resources Journal1686-5456Thailand42
59 International Journal of Agricultural Technology1686-9141Thailand196
60 The Journal of Industrial Technology1686-9869Thailand0
61 Journal of English Studies1865-8646Thailand4
62 Isan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences1905-0852Thailand77
63 Journal of Public Health and Development1905-1387Thailand58
64 Journal of Architectural/Planning Research and Studies1905-2022Thailand73
65 SDU Research Journal Social Science and Humanities1905-2847Thailand173
66 Thai Pharmaceutical and Health Science Journal1905-3460Thailand104
67 CATALYST1905-6931Thailand2
68 International Journal of Renewable Energy1905-7172Thailand9
69 Nakhara : Journal of Environmental Design and Planning1905-7210Thailand1
70 LEARN Journal : Language Education and Acquisition Research Network1905-7326Thailand5
71 Asian Biomedicine1905-7415Thailand235
72 The New English Teacher1905-7725Thailand6
73 Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology1905-7873Thailand132
74 Silpakorn University Science and Technology Journal1905-9159Thailand19
75 King Mongkuts University of Technology North Bangkok International Journal of Applied Science and Technology1906-151XThailand0
76 EnvironmentAsia1906-1714Thailand67
77 SDU Research Journal Science and Technology1906-3334Thailand61
78 NIDA Case Research Journal1906-3865Thailand3
79 International Journal of Behavioral Science1906-4675Thailand12
80 Journal of Environmental Management1906-5485Thailand16
81 UTCC International Journal of Business and Economics1906-5582Thailand1
82 Scholar1906-6406Thailand1
83 Panyapiwat Journal1906-7658Thailand66
84 Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research1906-8107Thailand105
85 Journal of Urban Culture Research2228-8279Thailand0
86 Journal of Information Science2228-8457Thailand10
87 Rangsit Journal of Arts and Sciences2229-063XThailand11
88 Outbreak, Surveillance and Investigation Reports2286-8933Thailand1
89 Southeast Asian Journal of Economics2286-8984Thailand0
90 Applied Environmental Research2287-0741Thailand27
91 ASEAN Journal of Management and Innovation2351-0307Thailand8
92Acta medica Indonesiana0125-9326Indonesia7
93Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences2337-5779Indonesia15
98Acta Medica Philippina0001-6071Philippines1
99Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis-Indonesia10
100Critical Care and Shock1410-7767Indonesia2
101Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business1411-1128Indonesia5
102Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics2301-9468Indonesia9
103International Journal of Technology2086-9614Indonesia37
104Sabrao Journal of Breeding and Genetics1029-7073Philippines38
105Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints2244-1093Philippines31
106Philippine Political Science Journal0115-4451Philippines12
107The Philippine Journal of Veterinary Medicine0031-7705Philippines11
108Kritika Kultura2094-6937Philippines212
109Journal of the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences0859-3132Philippines8
110Humanities Diliman1655-1532Philippines3
111DLSU Business and Economics Review0116-7111Philippines7
112Asia-Pacific Social Science Review0119-8386Philippines2
113The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher0119-5646Philippines67
114Asian Development Review0116-1105Philippines7
115Indonesian Journal of Chemistry1411-9420Indonesia24
116Malaysian Journal of Computer Science0127-9084Malaysia12
1173L: Language, Linguistics, Literature0128 5157Malaysia66
118ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering1655-4418Philippines1
119Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance1823-4992Malaysia11
120Asian Academy of Management Journal1394-2603Malaysia10
121Asian Journal of Business and Accounting1985-4064Malaysia5
122The Philippine Agricultural Scientist0031-7454Philippines5
123Jurnal Pengurusan0127-2713Malaysia22
124Philosophia (Philippines)2244-1875Philippines1
125Philippine Journal of Science0031-7683Philippines1
126Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society0126-6705Malaysia164
127Malaysian Journal of Nutrition1394-035XMalaysia15
128GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies1675-8021Malaysia81
129Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies1511-4554Malaysia7
130Asian and Pacific Migration Journal0117-1968Philippines14
131International Journal of Business and Society1511 6670Malaysia10
132Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences2337-5760Indonesia2
133Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science1394-6234Malaysia7
134 The Journal of Industrial Technology1686-9869Thailand86
135International Journal of Economics and Management1823-836XMalaysia14
136International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering2088-8708Indonesia584
137Journal of ICT Research and Applications2337-5787Indonesia7
138International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems2088-8694Indonesia350
139International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics2085-6830Indonesia33
140Journal of Environmental Science and Management0119-1144Philippines4
141Journal of Economic Development1859-1116Vietnam0
142Journal of Economics and Development1859-0020 Vietnam1
143Journal of Oil Palm Research1511-2780Malaysia52
144Journal of Tropical Forest Science0128-1283Malaysia35
145The Malaysian Journal of Pathology0126-8635Malaysia16
146Tropical Biomedicine0127-5720Malaysia23
147International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering2229-8649Malaysia862
148Asia Life Sciences0117-3375Philippines0
149The Philippine Journal of Crop Sciences0115-463xPhilippines0
150Asia-Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology0128-7451Malaysia2
151Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences1394-195XMalaysia25
152Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities0128-7702Malaysia35
153International Food Research Journal1985-4668Malaysia202
154Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology0128-7680Malaysia9
155Asian Journal of International Law2044-2513Singapore4
156Singapore Economic Review0217-5908Singapore9
157China: An International Journal0219-7472Singapore0
158Contemporary Southeast Asia0129-797XSingapore8
159Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control)1693-6930Indonesia282
160Asian Journal of Social Science1568-4849Singapore2
161Journal of Engineering Science and Technology1823-4690Malaysia60
162Sains Malaysiana0126-6039Malaysia139
163Neurology Asia1823-6138Malaysia16
164Global Journal Al-Thaqafah2232-0474Malaysia5
165International Medical Journal Malaysia-Malaysia5
166Defence S&T Technical Bulletin1985-6571Malaysia16
167Institutions and Economies2232-1640Malaysia7
168Journal of Information and Communication Technology1675-414XMalaysia14
169Journal of Physical Science1675-3402Malaysia3
170Journal of Mechanical Engineering1823-5514Malaysia1
171Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences1394-2506Malaysia50
172Malaysian Journal of Microbiology1823-8262Malaysia7
173Asiatic : IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature1985-3106Malaysia22
174International Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies1823-6243Malaysia1
175Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science1511-3701Malaysia13
176Malaysian Journal of Science1394-3065Malaysia2
177 ECTI Transactions on Computer and Information Technology2286-9131Thailand5
178Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction (MJLI)1675-8110Malaysia3
179Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences1675-8544Malaysia4
180Journal of Construction in Developing Countries1823-6499Malaysia2
181Malaysian Family Physician1985-207XMalaysia4
182Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine0125-6491Thailand0
183Medical Journal of Malaysia0300-5283Malaysia24
184Malaysian Applied Biology Journal0126-8643Malaysia6
185Tropical Life Sciences Research1985-3718Malaysia17
186Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia0126-1962Malaysia4
187Jurnal Komunikasi: Malaysian Journal of Communication2289-151XMalaysia30
188Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences1823 -8343Malaysia10
189Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences2289-4659Malaysia419
190SEARCH Journal of the Southeast Asia Research Centre for Communications and Humanities2229-872XMalaysia6
191Journal of Indonesian Islam1978-6301Indonesia1
192Media Peternakan0126-0472Indonesia36
193International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology2088-5334Indonesia106
194Indonesian Journal of Geography0024-9521Indonesia2
195JUMMEC: Journal of Health and Translational Medicine1823-7339Malaysia0
196Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering2180-1843Malaysia70
197Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine1675-0306Malaysia11
198Intellectual Discourse0128-4878Malaysia4
199Wacana Seni Journal of Arts Discourse1675-3410Malaysia0
200Medical Journal of Indonesia0853-1773Indonesia3
201 Journal of Fisheries and Environment0125-796XThailand46
202 International Journal of East Asian Studies0857-6033Thailand0
203 ASEAN Engineering Journal Part A2229-127XThailand0
204 ASEAN Engineering Journal Part B2286-7694Thailand0
205 ASEAN Engineering Journal Part C2286-8150Thailand0
206 Bulletin of Suanprung0857-2127Thailand6
207 Burapha Science Journal2351-0781Thailand103
208 Chiang Mai Veterinary Journal1685-9502Thailand35
209 Genomics and Genetics2465-5198Thailand4
210 GMSARN International Journal1905-9094Thailand1
211 International Journal of Applied Biomedical Engineering1906-4063Thailand20
212 Journal of Health Systems Research0858-9437Thailand209
213 Journal of Mekong Societies1686-6541Thailand30
214 Journal of Metals, Materials and Minerals0857-6149Thailand89
215 Journal of Nursing Science and Health0125-7021Thailand678
216 Journal of Public and Private Management0854-9849Thailand9
217 Journal of Public Health0125-1678Thailand217
218 Journal of Research and Applications in Mechanical Engineering2229-2152Thailand0
219 Journal of Research Unit on Science, Technology and Environment for Learning1906-9790Thailand73
220 Journal of Thai Interdisciplinary Research2465-3837Thailand6
221 KMITL Science and Technology Journal1905-2367Thailand31
222 Naresuan Phayao Journal1906-2141Thailand18
223 Research and Development Journal Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University2229-2802Thailand2
224 Srinakharinwirot University Dental Journal1905-0488Thailand13
225 Thai Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences1686-9540Thailand10
226 Thai Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Nursing0857-605XThailand59
227 Thai Journal of Nursing Council1513-1262Thailand377
228 Thai Journal of Pharmacy Practice1906-5574Thailand39
229 The Bangkok Medical Journal2287-9674Thailand18
230 The Journal of The Royal Thai Army Nurses1513-5217Thailand641
231 Thoughts1513-1025Thailand6
232 Tropical Natural History1513-9700Thailand115
233 Vajira Medical Journal0125-1252Thailand125
234 Agriculture and Natural Resources2468-1458Thailand114
235Studia Islamika0215-0492Indonesia2
236Kajian Malaysia0127-4082Malaysia9
237Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering & Catalysis-Indonesia0
238AKADEMIKA : Journal of Southeast Asia Social Sciences and Humanities0126-5008Malaysia4
239ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry2231-7805Malaysia11
240Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation1823-3902Malaysia3
241Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language Education Journal)2180-4842 Malaysia16
242Jurnal Sains Nuklear Malaysia2232-0946Malaysia0
243Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal1985-2533Malaysia5
245Biomedical Research and Therapy2198-4093Vietnam12
246International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering1823-0334Malaysia8
247Archives of Orofacial Sciences1823-8602Malaysia0
248ASEAN Journal of Open and Distance Learning2232-0814Malaysia3
249Education in Medicine Journal2180-1932Malaysia11
250International Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting-Malaysia2
251International Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems Research1985-5389Malaysia1
252Journal of Design and Built Environment1823-4208Malaysia2
253Journal of International Studies 1823-691XMalaysia0
255Jurnal Sains Kesihatan Malaysia1675-8161Malaysia4
256Jurnal Teknologi0127-9696Malaysia13
257Journal of the Indonesian Tropical Animal Agriculture2087-8273Indonesia5
258Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics2089-3272Indonesia2
259Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications2338-2287Indonesia2
260Jurnal Pendidikan IPA Indonesia2339-1286Indonesia12
261Asian Myrmecology1985-1944Malaysia2
262Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science2502-4752Indonesia88
263Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics2089-3191Indonesia2
265Journal of Sustainability Science and Management1823-8556Malaysia3
267Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia0126-6187Malaysia2
268Atom Indonesia0126-1568Indonesia0
270Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies2089-1490Indonesia0
271Arabiyat: Journal of Arabic Education and Arabic Studies2356-153XIndonesia0
272Malaysian Music Journal2232-1020Malaysia1
273 Thai Journal of Physical Therapy0125-4634Thailand10
274 Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences)1905-7121Thailand16
275 Journal of Accounting Professions1686-8293Thailand29
276 Journal of Thai Rehabilitation Medicine0857-6823Thailand37
277 Ramathibodi Nursing Journal0857-8052Thailand130
278 Nursing Journal of the Ministry of Public Health0857-3743Thailand64
279 Information Technology Journal1685-8573Thailand14
280 Naresuan University Law Journal1906-425XThailand7
281 Research Journal Phranakhon Rajabhat : Science and Technology1905-4963Thailand7
282 Sukhothai Thamathirat Open University Journal0857-6955Thailand0
283 Journal of Thai Hospitality and Tourism1905-6303Thailand21
284 Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences0859-3299Thailand13
285 Kasem Bundit Journal1513-5667Thailand7
286 Songklanagarind Journal of Nursing0125-8958Thailand43
287 Thai Journal of Pharmacology0125-3832Thailand5
288 Journal of Fisheries Technology Research1905-7393Thailand15
289 Journal of Social Sciences0125-0590Thailand5
290 Journal of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine1685-991XThailand11
291 Journal of Business Administration0125-233XThailand51
292 Journal of Business, Economics and Communications: BEC Journal1905-3746Thailand15
293 Journal of Nursing Science Chulalongkorn University0858-1231Thailand92
294 Journal of Social Development0859-2667Thailand31
295 Journal of Sports Science and Technology1513-7201Thailand33
296 Journal of Education Naresuan University0859-5127Thailand88
297 Research and Development Journal of The Engineering Institute of Thailand0857-7951Thailand20
298 NAJUA history of architecture Thai architecture1686-1841Thailand5
299 Journal of Health Science Research1906-0319Thailand30
300 The Journal of Prapokklao Hospital Clinical Medical Education Center0857-0914Thailand40
301 Research Journal Phranakhon Rajabhat : Social Sciences and Humanity2286-7171Thailand2
302 RMUTP Research Journal1906-0432Thailand19
303 Thammasat Economic Journal1685-3008Thailand5
304 The Thai Journal of Anesthesiology0857-1287Thailand18
305 Cultural Approach1513-4458Thailand8
306 NU. International Journal of Science1686-5561Thailand5
307 EAU Heritage Journal Science and Technology2286-6175Thailand51
308Brunei International Medical Journal1560-5876Brunei Darussalam0
309Planning Malaysia1675-6215Malaysia1
310Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2226-969XCambodia0
311Paediatrica Indonesiana0030-9311Indonesia0
312Journal of Civil Engineering0853-2982Indonesia0
313International Research Journal of Business Studies2089-6271Indonesia0
314HAYATI Journal of Biosciences1978-3019Indonesia0