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International Food Research Journal, Volume 25, Issue 1, 2018, pp. 357-365

Nutritional and microbiological evaluation on sauces and ketchups available in Bangladesh

Abstract :

The study was performed to compare the macro and micro nutrient elements, heavy metal contents and microbiological quality of ten different types of sauces and ketchups available in Bangladesh. Physicochemical properties, vitamin, minerals, preservatives and heavy metals concentration and microbiological quality were determined for all the samples. The results of this study suggest that the selected sauces and ketchups are good source of nutrient, antioxidant like vitamin C and energy. Heavy metals as well as concentration of preservatives were analyzed to assess the safety in terms of physical and chemical hazards associated with sauces and ketchups. Among heavy metals, only aluminum was detected in studying sauces and ketchups, but their concentration were lower than the permitted level. The results of this study were compared with existing results and recommendations which will be helpful for consumers to consider the nutritional quality and safety of sauces and ketchups. © All Rights Reserved.

Keywords : Heavy metals,Macro-Nutrient,Minerals,Preservatives,Processed sauces and ketchups,Vitamin
Subject Area : Food Science

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