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International Food Research Journal, Volume 24, Issue 2, 2017, pp. 747-754

Confusion determination of critical control point (CCP) via HACCP decision trees

Abstract :

Hazard analysis and CCP determination are the backbones of HACCP development and implementation. The rest of HACCP principles depend on these two principles. A decision tree is used to assist in determining the CCP. There are two types of decision trees used in the HACCP system that is decision trees for raw material/packaging material and process step. Various methods of the decision tree used in HACCP systems not only have advantages, but it can also contribute to the confusion in its application by practitioners. Although the decision tree is just a tool to help determine the CCP, its use is a significant impact on the HACCP team, consultants and decision-making authority in determining the CCP and sensitive raw materials in a structured manner. © All Rights Reserved.

Keywords : Food hygiene,Food safety,GMP,HACCP
Subject Area : Food Science

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