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Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Volume 12, Issue 3, 2017, pp. 686-700

A current mirror based two stage CMOS cascode Op-Amp for high frequency application

Abstract :

This paper presents a low power, high slew rate, high gain, ultra wide band two stage CMOS cascode operational amplifier for radio frequency application. Current mirror based cascoding technique and pole zero cancelation technique is used to ameliorate the gain and enhance the unity gain bandwidth respectively, which is the novelty of the circuit. In cascading technique a common source transistor drive a common gate transistor. The cascoding is used to enhance the output resistance and hence improve the overall gain of the operational amplifier with less complexity and less power dissipation. To bias the common gate transistor, a current mirror is used in this paper. The proposed circuit is designed and simulated using Cadence analog and digital system design tools of 45 nanometer CMOS technology. The simulated results of the circuit show DC gain of 63.62 dB, unity gain bandwidth of 2.70 GHz, slew rate of 1816 V/µs, phase margin of 59.53º, power supply of the proposed operational amplifier is 1.4 V (rail-to-rail ±700 mV), and power consumption is 0.71 mW. This circuit specification has encountered the requirements of radio frequency application.

Keywords : Bandwidth,Cascode,Current mirror,Gain,Power consumption,Slew rate
Subject Area : Engineering(all)

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