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International Journal of Economics and Management, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2017, pp. 301-319

Cause-related marketing: It's applicability in hypermarket context

Abstract :

The concept of cause-related marketing (CRM) was not sufficiently studied in the context of hypermarket. The objective of this study is to discover if CRM enhances customers' patronage behaviour towards a hypermarket and whether the absence of CRM in a hypermarket initiates a switching behaviour among consumers. Therefore, five variables (attitude, CSR image, company-cause fit, education level and personal income) were examined for their influence on consumers' patronage behaviour changes before and after the implementation of CRM. A total of 405 questionnaires were used for analysis. A paired-sample T-Test, one sample T-Test and multiple regression analyses were employed to analyse the research questions in this study. Results revealed that CRM implementation was able to produce two outcomes: customers' patronage behaviour and customers' switching behaviour. Also, factors such as attitude, CSR image and personal income were found to have different significant influences upon patronage behaviour increment across different hypermarkets.

Keywords : Cause-related Marketing,Corporate Social Responsibility,Hypermarket,Patronage Behaviour
Subject Area : Business and International Management Economics, Econometrics and Finance(all) Strategy and Management

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