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International Journal of Economics and Management, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2017, pp. 277-299

Confirming entrepreneurial orientation dimensions and linking it with entrepreneurial intention among business students in Indonesia

Abstract :

Purpose - The objective of this study is to confirm the dimensionality of Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) based on an exploration of its factors among Indonesian business students. It also aimed to examine the relationship between EO and student inclination toward entrepreneurship. Design/methodology/approach - A cross-sectional survey was conducted targeting students at Indonesian universities. Using a pilot sample of 65 students, the authors developed their hypotheses. Thereafter, based on a sample of 381 students, the hypotheses were tested using structural equation modeling. Findings - The findings revealed that EO in the Indonesian context was a three- factor instrument consisting of the three dimensions: risk-taking, innovativeness and proactiveness. Moreover, the findings showed there is a positive relationship between EO and Entrepreneurial Intention (EI) among business students at Indonesian universities. Practical implications - Given the imperative need for universities to monitor and improve the entrepreneurial spirit among business students, this study can help business students to understand better regarding the business attitude they need to maintain, which can help them to improve proactive personality and formulate effective business strategies in the future. Originality/value - This paper came to be one of the first studies that attempted to assess the EO among business student in Indonesia using AMOS-SEM. Additionally, this study pioneered through drawing a factorial picture for EO in the Indonesian context.

Keywords : Business studentsr,Entrepreneurial intention,Entrepreneurial orientation,Structural equation modeling
Subject Area : Business and International Management Economics, Econometrics and Finance(all) Strategy and Management

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