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Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal, Volume 29, Issue 2, 2017, pp. 108-114

Study of Stillbirths in North Okkalapa General and Teaching Hospital

Abstract :

A hospital-based, descriptive study was undertaken to determine proportion of stillbirths (SB), maternal and obstetric factors, health seeking pattern of mothers and causes of SB in North Okkalapa General and Teaching Hospital. For quantitative study, secondary data analysis was done by reviewing records of all mothers who delivered SB during the study period. In-depth interview was carried out with 10 mothers having different outcomes including severe maternal morbidity for qualitative study. Proportion of SB was 16.29 per 1000 total births. More than two-thirds (73%) were macerated. Two-third (68.6%) was pre-term babies and half of them (58.1%) were birth weight below 2500 grams. The highest maternal age group was in 25-29 years (26.1%) and half was in parity 2-4 (50%). About 77% were unplanned pregnancies and 33.3% had no antenatal care (ANC). Hypertensive disorders in nearly half of the mothers (47%) and placental abruption accounted for 18.6%. Medical diseases resulted in fetal death in nearly one fourth of cases (23.8%). Reduced fetal movement was evident in two-third of cases (61.62%). Attempted home delivery was 11.62% and almost all cases of fresh SB were due to prolonged labour at home by traditional birth attendant (TBA). More than half (52.32%) came in labour and 66.27% were born by spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD). Postmortem (PM) finding was difficult to interpret due to fetal maceration in 41%. The major problems were late booking (ANC), lack of regular follow-up and late referral. Other points to be considered were lack of knowledge, financial problem, misbelieved and paucity of social supports. The results would be valuable to a certain extent for implementing further strategies to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Keywords : Stillbirths, Maternal morbidity, Millennium Development Goals
Subject Area : Health Professions(all) Medicine(all) Social Sciences(all) Immunology and Microbiology(all) Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics(all)

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