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International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Volume 14, Issue 1, 2017, pp. 3998-4012

Finite element analysis of diffusion effects on convective heat and the mass transfer of two fluids in a vertical channel

Abstract :

In this paper the thermo diffusion and diffusion thermo effects on convective heat and mass transfer along a vertical channel filled with micropolar and viscous fluids have been presented. The coupled system of governing equations is solved numerically using the Galerkin finite element method subjected to the boundary and interface conditions. The effects of the pertinent parameters on the velocity, angular velocity (micro rotation), temperature and diffusion profiles are studied in detail and presented graphically. Furthermore, the rate of heat transfer, mass transfer and shear stress near both walls is entered in tables. It is found that rate of heat transfer enhances vigorously on the hot wall and reduces slowly on the cold wall under the diffusion thermo effect. The rate of mass transfer is higher near the left wall and reduces rapidly on the right wall due to the thermo diffusion effect. © Universiti Malaysia Pahang Publishing.

Keywords : FEM,Magnetic field,Micropolar fluid,Soret and Dufour effects,Viscous fluid
Subject Area : Automotive Engineering Mechanical Engineering

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