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Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences, Volume 9, 2015, pp. 1538-1555

Research progresses and future directions on pool boiling heat transfer

Abstract :

This paper reviews the previous work carried on pool boiling heat transfer during heating of various liquids and commodities categorized as refrigerants and dielectric fluids, pure liquids, nanofluids, hydrocarbons and additive mixtures, as well as natural and synthetic colloidal solutions. Nucleate pool boiling is an efficient and effective method of boiling because high heat fluxes are possible with moderate temperature differences. It is characterized by the growth of bubbles on a heated surface. It occurs during boiling of liquids for excess temperature ranging from 5 to 30 °C in various processes related to high vaporization of liquid for specific purposes like sugarcane juice heating for jaggery making, milk heating for khoa making, steam generation, cooling of electronic equipments, refrigeration and etcetera. In this review paper, pool boiling method during heating of liquids for specific purpose is depicted. It is inferred that enhancement in pool boiling heat transfer is a challenging and complex task. Also, recent research and use of various correlations for natural convection pool boiling is reviewed.

Keywords : Heating of liquids,Nucleate boiling,Pool boiling,Pool boiling correlations,Rohsenow correlation
Subject Area : Computational Mechanics Energy Engineering and Power Technology Fuel Technology Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanics of Materials

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