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Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences, Volume 12, Issue 1, 2016, pp. 59-62

Gorham's disappearing bone disease: A rare cause of extensive bone destruction

Abstract : Osteolytic disease of the bones have a myriad range of aetiology. One rare cause is Gorham's disease or disappearing bone disease. This disease is a diagnosis by exclusion using correlation made with clinical presentation, radiological fndings and histopathological confrmation. Although many different therapies have been advocated, none have been successful in fully controlling this disease. We present a case that was detected in a Chinese lady using diagnostic imaging, confrmed with computed tomography guided biopsy and successfully treated with joint reconstruction using endoprosthesis.
Keywords : Computed tomography,Disappearing bone,Gorham's disease,Osteolysis
Subject Area : Medicine(all)

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