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Defence S and T Technical Bulletin, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2015, pp. 153-161

The importance of forensic microbiology in CBRNe investigations

Abstract : Forensic microbiology came into the spotlight after the anthrax attack in September 2001 in the US. It is a new discipline that is able to trace the origin of a biological agent using a range of biological analyses, and it is based on the fast and accurate detection and identification of microorganisms found at a biological crime scene. In this paper, we will discuss the importance of forensic microbiology in CBRNe investigations. The technologies that are used for forensic microbiology, along with the most significant cases in which this discipline was successfully applied will also be described.
Keywords : Biological agents,Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear & explosives (CBRNe) investigations,Forensic microbiology,Genomic epidemiology,Metagenomics
Subject Area : Engineering(all)

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