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International Food Research Journal, Volume 20, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 2009-2016

Steady state and time dependent rheological behaviour of mayonnaise (egg and eggless)

Abstract : Time dependent and steady state flow properties of two different branded (Cremica and Funfoods) commercial mayonnaise samples of different formulation (egg and eggless) were tested using concentric cylinder rheometer. Mayonnaise samples were characterized as a shear thining (Pseudoplastic) liquid with yield stress and demonstrated thixotropic properties also. All the samples irrespective of testing conditions (temperature and shear rates) confirmed time dependent shear thinning behaviour. Steady state rheological data of all the samples was well described by Hurshel Bulkley model (R >= 0.967, SE = 0.106). Hahn model was found to be the most appropriate model to describe time dependent rheology of mayonnaise. Adequacy of fitting of Hahn model was explained in terms of standards error (SE) and coefficient of determination (R) root mean square error values. © All Rights Reserved.
Keywords : Egg,Mayonnaise,Rheology,Texture,Time dependent
Subject Area : Food Science

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