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Sabrao Journal of Breeding and Genetics, Volume 47, Issue 2, 2015, pp. 143-159

Stability analysis of yield and its component traits of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes in multi-environment trials in the north eastern plains of India

Abstract :

Stability performance of 105 barley genotypes including commercial cultivars and elite lines (indigenous and exotic) were compared by using regression on environmental means for grain yield and its components under 3 different environments during Rabi 2012-2014. Significant differences were observed among the genotypes for all the traits studied over all 3 individual environments. Genotype × environment interactions were highly significant for all the characters studied. The linear component of G x e interaction was preponderant for days to heading, days to maturity, effective tillers per plant, grains per ear and grain yield per plant. Most of the genotypes did not satisfy the stability criteria indicating the presence of non-linear component of G × E instead of the linear component for most of the traits studied. The genotypes RD-2618, PL-760 and NDB-1229 for days to heading; Lakhan, Clipper, JB-57, PL-760 and Maria for short duration; BH-688, BC-112, K-603, RD-2624 and BH-548 for dwarf stature; CIHO-3510 for tiller number; JB-16 for peduncle length, DL-88, BCU-IC-437851, Karan-15, RD-2660, Lakhan and JB-15 for spike length; BCU-550, EIBGN-04-14 and RS-6 for flag leaf length; Manjula and EIBGN-04-14 for grains per ear; EIBGN-2-1 and Jyoti for grain yield per plant were found to be comparatively stable by meeting all the 3 parameters of stability over the environments. These promising genotypes may be utilized as donors in barley improvement program for target ecosystems.

Keywords : Barley,Genotype x environment interaction,Stability analysis,Yield components
Subject Area : Biotechnology Genetics Agronomy and Crop Science Animal Science and Zoology Horticulture

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